Aug 17, 2012

I had a busy week working on the Prop 37 campaign. Monsanto and its gang members have been busy too. They spent 10 million dollars so far and its only August! They are dead set on the American people not knowing what's in their food. I am just as determined as they are though. Sybborn is my middle name. Graet news though Senator Mark Leno (D) says yes to Ptop 37. Here is a copy of his letter:

Dear Colleagues & Candidates,

I'm writing today to ask that you join me in saying Yes on 37. Please join the CA Democratic Party, the California Labor Federation, the California Nurses Association, UFW, Sierra Club, CALPIRG, Consumer Federation of America, dozens of farmers and doctors, and hundreds of other organizations and businesses in officially endorsing Yes on 37. Yes on 37 is California's Right to Know ballot measure that would label genetically engineered foods. You can endorse Prop 37 right now at or simply by replying to this e-mail.

Yes on 37 is based on a pretty simple notion: we have the right to know what's in the food we and our families eat. Food products should have simple labels that tell us if they have been genetically engineered, especially since we don't know these foods to be safe. This "right to know" is a fundamental right and a bedrock American value. It is time for California to join 49 countries that already label genetically engineered foods.

Yes on 37 is part of a massive, rapidly-growing national grassroots movement. Here in California, we've secured the endorsements of several elected officials, including U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Congresswomen Maxine Waters & Judy Chu, Chair of CA Dems Women's Caucus Christine Pelosi, State Assemblymembers Allen, Huber, Monning, Huffman, and Ammiano, and many more.

Please learn more and join us today:

Thank you!

Mark Leno
State Senator
I also found an article about one independent study concerning the effects of gmos:
Oh and if you shop at WalMart, they will sell gmo corn in a couple of weeks and of course you won't know, because they don't have to label it!
School is starting soon and in some cities it started last week. Do you know what you are feeding your children?
eat your fruits and veggies! (non-gmo)   xo  Inge

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