Jan 4, 2009

Closed my booth

yesterday. I was sad to do so, but we want to move to Southern California and I have to focus on that. I also want to leave my current job, pronto. I am looking at jobs that have the possibility of transferring. I am grateful to the owners Barbara and Rick of "Treasures From Paradise" who taught me alot about running a business (the right way). My day job is also teaching me things...specifically how NOT to run a business! I cannot believe I was able to fit all my "merch" in my two spare rooms and it looks halfway decent... for now... wait until I have to look for something and begin tearing the rooms apart to find it! Yikes!
This moving "thing" can get me overwhelmed if I look at all the things that have to be done! Our last big move was a three hour move from our original home... this one is almost nine hours away! So much to think about... new jobs for John and I... at least until we can start our own businesses. Which one to do first... find a home? or a job? I need to break things down in smaller "to do" lists. The economy is not helping matters either. I remember when I was younger... I took more risks... I would quit jobs and get another within days... no savings account... flew by the seat of my pants... lived in the moment... no goals... just floated along and had fun! Now I need a plan... I have to know where I'm headed... definitely would not quit job without another! Boy do we change when we get older.
Things to focus on today... get groceries, go to gym, read, relax. Tommorrow is another day. I read tarot cards and have been told I fill my time up with too much stuff and not enough reflection. I will listen to that and hoefully ideas will come to me.
Hope your Sunday is going well.
Did you laugh outloud yet?
xoxo Inge


Monica said...

Inge, Great luck with your move and upcoming endeavors! Remember that change is always good! =)

Scarlet Fields said...

Hey Girl-All of my thoughts are with you in the life changing event. I have moved several times and yes, mostly flown by the seat of my pants. Getting older is not for the weak of heart! I just know that things are going to work out well-many blessings-Scarlet