Jan 10, 2009

These ants are driving me crazy!

Ok... so it's not a big stretch. But honestly... everytime I want to go somewhere there they are organizing another party! Just now when I was waiting for my laptop to heat up... out comes an ant from... I think inside my laptop! Talk about hackers! I really don't like killing things including bugs... so I end up tossing them outside. My hubby says it is probably the same ants coming inside and being tossed outside over and over. Maybe I should tag them like they do the wild animals. I researched different non toxic repellants... bay leaves was one suggestion... the ants walked all over that... orange spray works but when it dries they are back... I also put electrical tape along my baseboards and it does help there but asthetically it looks shall I say hillbillyish?my new thing is baby powder... we'll see, so far the only ant that should up was the one in my laptop... I didn't put baby powder on that.

I bought a terrific cookie recipe book for my furbabies this past Christmas... so far I'm the only one doing the baking and they are doing the eating... actually I have eaten some too... they are made with natural human ingredients so why not? If you like to bake and live with dogs (my cats are enjoying them too, but be sure to crumble their portion into small bits...my older cat had to receive the Heimlich because he swallowed to large a piece).

Hope your weekend is going well. The weather here is fantastic! Mid 60s is expected today which for me is great! although we do need more rain... are you listening rain goddess?
Don't for get to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

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Jazze Junque Inc. said...

Great blog~ I found you on Flickr.