Oct 28, 2009

Check out this fun dress form, I found it at the Gottchalks going out of business sale for only $25!

Finally a day off... I just came off a 7 day work week... 70 hours total. To be honest, this job is hard as hell... I run from the time I get in the door until I go home at night... take a break? Who has time? I mean really... I have to clock out to make the company happy that I am complying with the law but who are we kidding? If I am the only manager there... how can I enjoy the luxury of having 30 minutes to myself when there are constant things going on that need my attention. Anyone working in restaurants knows exactly what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to have found a job in this economic climate... I just don't know if I can meet the physical and mental demands this job requires ... I find myself daydreaming of owning my own business again... We shall see.

I like the home we are living in... I just don't know about the wood floors. John and I talked about finding a place with wood floors thinking it would be easier to take care of with the critters... but so far it has to be dry mopped everyday. It's shocking to see how much fur accumaltes in just one day. I know the critters are shedding on a carpet too but the carpet hides the fur better. Be careful what you wish for sometimes it can be more work.

Here's some photos of my new place. I still have some boxes laying around but I am too tired to put them away for now. I just want to enjoy me day off...

Hope your day is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!

xoxo Inge

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