Oct 23, 2009

I like going to interesting coffee shops. I know I said I absolutely love Starbucks and I really do but I like independent coffee shops that have character. I went to such a coffee shop in Chowchilla, California. I was on my way to Chico at the time to help with the move a few weeks ago... I cannot believe the family has been here a few weeks already... anyways I decided to find a place to eat breakfast and I wanted to go somewhere else than my ususal Starbucks stop. I found Coffee Cats located on the main street in Chowchilla... 515 Robertson Blvd Ste 1515 Robertson Blvd Ste 1 to be exact. I took some pictures but the glare from the window does not do the coffee shop justice. Inside is decorated with cute cat decor including pictures... some are for sale by a local artist... the artist also offers paintings of the local farm animals... anyways I really liked the place and if you are in Chowchilla stop in have a cup of java... and they also offer sandwiches.
I am off to work... the big Friday night! Hope your weekend is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud! xoxo Inge

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