Feb 5, 2009

I took the 2009 Census Job test

on Monday... me and a zillion other people. I worked for the census 20 years ago... was it really that long ago ? and the test was much simpler then and there was no "homeland security" background check... thankfully we were allowed to keep our shoes on while taking the test something not allowed at airport security... have you seen some of these people's feet while standing inline at airport security? their toe nails could easily be classified as weapons! Jeez haven't these people ever heard of nail clippers????

I linked the Census test site in case you have absolutely nothing to do and feel like taking a test that was clearly made by someone who spoke fluent pig latin! I mean who thinks this crap up?
I won't know if I have a job for at least a month... seems like alot of tax payer money being spent for a job that will last only 2 months.

Meanwhile, I am still looking... There was a job I was hopeful for... it was with an internet company in town. I applied on line like a zillion other people... and decided to stop in the office and check on my resume status... this town is incredibly small because when I went inside the building a customer from where I work now...and I use that term loosely... was standing in front of me and I let out a groan and I know I rolled my eyeballs because I am famous for that... it is an automatic response when I am in the company of a PIA and he reacted the same waywhen he saw me. Crap! I am trying to get away from these people... I don't want to be stuck with them at another job!
I left... what else could I do? Oh, well, I won't give up! Next week I work three days delivering Valentine flowers and I have done that before... good money so I won't bitch.


Have fun and don't forget to laugh!
xoxo Inge


mara said...

¨pig latin¨, it wasn´t nice!!!!!, I speak ¨pig latin¨and I was succesfull with the test at the first time,...... next time think what you are writing, thank you...

The Pagan Goddess said...

Mara, Lighten up! It was a joke and besides this is my blog and I will write what I want thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

He y I just took this test as well in Mass. Yeah is was lame and most of the questions had nothing to do with the job????
So I get 25 out of 28,great? NO please come back and re test!
Some of those people had done this test 2-4 times now already! It was crazy.
Then the guy next to me gets 5 wrong but gets 5 points added to his test because he was a vet, so he passes and gets put to the head of the line because he is a vet as well.
My husband is a vet and he said he would have been embarrassed to be treated like that and never would have went along with it.
I will NOT be back to take the test. Mass can kiss my 25 points BYE BYE!