Feb 14, 2009

This menapause stuff...

is making me a bit nutty...well, nuttier than I was before. I am really affected at work. As you know I am a food server... a trained monkey could do the job (in my opinion) but there are days I just can't seem to get with it. The other day I was on the floor only 10 minutes when "it" started. I sat a woman down in my section handed her the menu and asked her "would you like a menu?" What? Did I really just ask her that? We laughed it off...I took her order. She wanted a sandwhich and small salad for starters. I brought her the salad and drink... turned in the sandwhich order to the cook and went about my business which is walking around trying to look busy and being a smart ass. I noticed my customer was finished with her food and I asked if she would like a slice of pie. She replied "I haven't gotten my sandwhich yet"... Dah!!! Hello Inge! How could you miss that? You have a total of one customers. My response was "this is what you get to look forward too when you reach menapause!" I really am losing it!

Hope your Valentines Day is fun!
and don't forget to laugh outloud!


MrFilthyRotten said...

Funny story! The best is when we can laugh at ourselves! I've often wondered why it's not called womenopause ; ) Smoochies!

Scarlet Fields said...

Ok, here is my take...I had the plumbing taken out in July and I think the plumbing was attached to my brain! Having become prone to voicing my displeasure at the absence of my brain, I am finding we all are suffering the same brain plumbing problem. Could it be a new line of work? XO