Feb 12, 2009

The temperature is just too...

cold for my taste. I know those of you living in the midwest and back east think we Californians are big sissies... ok it's true (for me anyway) I admit it when it comes to cold weather I am a BIG SISSY! My hands freeze up and I can't hold a pen to write anything... my nose runs and my toes feel like popsicles. I am a fair weather gal. Give me a sunny beach to lay on any day! I really don't need the season changes... I can watch that on the weather channel! I remember years ago laying on a Miami beach December 25th and it was 80 degrees... I was in heaven!

I really hate seeing the homeless and their dogs outside in freezing temperatures too. Well, to be honest I really don't like seeing the animals being put through this....as for the humans they do have some choices. The other day I was at work and it was raining and freezing cold. I watched some of the neighborhood homeless (and their numbers are growing) walk around with umbrellas and looking for places to get out of the rain. It was 9 o'clock at night and I really don't know if there is a shelter where they can go and get out of the bad weather with their pets... my guess is no... if I had the money I would provide a warm dry, safe place for them and their pets...rules be damned! I know if that were me I would remain with my pets... no matter what... we are in this together!

I can't help but wonder how these people fell through the cracks... living outside in these conditions has to to be awful, what is it about their lives that has made them decide that living outside is a better alternative to what they had before? My childhood was no picknick and I will not bore you with the details... I belive many of us have sad stories to tell and I just do not want to dwell on the past... I cannot change those events I can only focus on the present. What made my life different than theirs? What is that saying... but by the grace of God go I? (I actually prefer to say Goddess)

Our dog, Charlie will celebrate two years living with us next month. He was homeless for at least a month...with a broken back leg. John found him wandering around the dumpster at his work looking for food. He works at a retirement home and many of the residents knew of Charlie but he was scared of people (rightly so) and no one could get close to him to help. After a month of leaving food out for Charlie, John finally grabbed him while he was eating and put him in our car and brought him home (along with 17 tics!). There is a large public park nearby and we assume Charlie spent a great deal of time there. It took a long time to explain to him that he no longer had to eat acorns... he now had real dog food! I cannot imagine what his life was like during that month. As for his leg... by the time we got him the vet said it would have to be rebroken and we could not do that to him... so now he walks on three legs when he is tired.

I am grateful everyday for my life and furbabies and my warm place to sleep. I pray that these souls I see in the neighborhood at work will someday find a warm place to call home.

xoxo Inge