Mar 26, 2011

it has been 16 days since last radiation.... my skin is finally healing... i did 30 treatments... i will admit it is the hardest thing i ever did...i really believe the prayers helped....THANK YOU!!!!
James is still here...he is my rock. next week i have 2 doctor visits for checkup...then in a few weeks is the reimaging and then i don't know the plan. i choose to live in the moment because i still need work in the obsessing department. i still can't sit on butt and have not gone outside in butt hurts when i walk but that will get better. i am also reading Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Yourself... so much truth in those chapters and i read one of the affirmations on page 104 twice daily. i have met soooo many wonderful people who have the c-word...i want to be as positive as them and brave. i have been thinking about the gifts i want to make the Guardian Angels who touched my life... it will have a bird theme... it will be fun to get back to crafting soon.... just as soon as i can sit on my butt'
Hope your weekend is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!!! xo inge

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