Mar 4, 2011

Three more radiation treatments to go and I finished my 2nd round of chemo last week. Even though I feel it is kicking my body is dealing with it quite well... as far as side effects. I thought I would be able to blog and surf the net a lot but my days have been going to daily treatments, doc visits, eating (what I can), and sleeping. I am grateful for every one's support and I am lucky to have my team of docs...that being said, I want tell you what happened to me and that there are times when the patient is better off making their own decision. Last month my chemo treatment fell around the same of Presidents Day which meant I would get 3 days of my 4 day treatment. The day my cocktail would be finished fell on a Saturday and that clinic is closed. My treatment was taken at home by a pump that was attached to port that is inside my breatbone...using this method helps me from getting stabbed by needles and saves my veins from collapsing...anyway, after a family discussion we we went against the doc and left the chemo pump the full 4 days...we showed up to the emergency room and I was unhooked right away... in my eyes it was a win, win situation. If i have to do this then i want i want 100% of my drugs.

There is another site i want to share with you...James found it and i signed up for a webpage.

i am so happy to be on the road to recovery... i can actually feel my body get stronger... not ready to shop or go for drives yet...i still cannot sit down on my butt... but i am getting stronger...i know it has a lot to do with the prayers and love sent my way...i added Jesus to my support group and i feel his presence. During my radiation treatment... i accept all my support and began to visualize myself working in my thriftshop. I am beating this and I think the bulls eye is already dead...the last few treatments are mopping up the debris.

Hope you have a fun weekend and don't forget to laugh out loud! xo Inge

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