Nov 8, 2011

If you have to be hospitalized for something catastrophic like cancer always designate someone to be your spokesperson. Put them on your Advance Directives paperwork, BUT that paperwork is not enough. It says they are in charge of your medical care, BUT it is so much more than that. When you are in the hospital you will probably be on lots of pain meds...doctors will come in to see you when you are half asleep and ask you questions that you won't remember later. Try to always have someone staying in your room, especially when the doctors show up. When you are 1st admitted to the hospital is the most critical time. Lots of doctors come and papers need to be dealt with, especially if you are applying for Medical. I recommend you put your important papers in 1 folder now so you or the person you choose to handle these things can find it fast. I'm talking about, rent stubs, mortage statements, marriage license, pay stubs, bank statements, etc. The faster these things are turned the faster you get approved and treated. When I got sick and went to the emergency room, I was admitted because I was bleeding out and was high risk for stroke or heart attack. I was given blood and loads of tests to find out why I was bleeding. Then I was kept in because I needed liver surgery, the cancer has spread but I was lucky and only lost 10%. While this was going on my son, James had to learn the "system" in order to get my insurance approved quickly. We were first told it could take a minimum of 6 months to get approval. I did not have 6 months to wait. James had to be persistant and literally beg to have things move faster to save my life. What I am saying is be careful who you choose to make decisions for you. Hospitals and insurance are complicated, but there are always loopholes. Choose someone who has the patience and determination to get things done. There will always be some clerk who says no. They need to go over her head and push things through. You know the saying about the squeaky wheel? It's true. Your life depends on it.
Eat your fruits & veggies!    xo Inge

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