Jan 29, 2013

I started buying coconut water and organic soy milk from my neighborhood 99 cent store ( I am sooo happy they exist and sell these, regular markets charge sometimes 3 times as much for same brand) And by the way I buy WestSoy soy milk bec...ause it does not contain carageen...if you don't know whats bad about carageen, Google it. Anyway, to save more money I freeze the coconut water and soymilk (in seperate) freezer trays and use the cubes in smoothies. I usually add 3 cubes coconut water and 4 cubes soy milk. I throw them in after I add everything else and let them melt -- then I blend them together. Yum!
I make a smoothie everyday...here's the recipe for the one I'm drinking right now.
3 cubes frozen coconut water
4 cubes frozen soy milk (organic)
1/2 cup parsley
1/2 banana
2 large carrots (juiced)
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup spring water
teaspoon ground flax seed ( I use Bob's Red Mill)   I don't have a grinder right now
Throw these into a blender
Allow the frozen cubes to melt; it takes about 15 minutes and then blend mixture
xo   Inge


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