Aug 31, 2008

I was chosen to be part of...

How lucky am I! I feel truly honored to be chosen to join these talented artists! I worked at the antique shop yesterday and noticed business is definetly picking up, but the customers are paying with cash. Last year the sales were higher but about 80% used their credit cards. Well, at least they are shopping again. I figure by early next year most of the homes that were lost in the fires will be rebuilt and people will be looking to replace furniture and trinkets to decorate their homes...and will come to shop in our fabulous antique mall.

Rock the Vote was a success at Chico State last Friday night. I registered alot of first time voters...mostly 18 year olds. They were excited to be able to vote this year... which I think is another right of passage like getting your first drivers license or turning 21 and throwing away that fake id and getting into bars legally. Cyrus and Brooke from MTV's Real World were the guest speakers and they had a passionate discussion with the students about our government
and the issues that impacted their future. I was happy to hear that this generation is interested in more things than Xboxes and MySpace! After the event I was able to get my picture taken with Cyrus and Brooke...when I looked at the picture later I noticed my legs are in desperate need of some sun! I better sit outside for a few hours today!

This weekend has absolutely flown by! I plan to make some art and play with my critters...what are you up too?

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