Aug 28, 2008

Rock The Vote!!!

I'm working the Obama Campaign booth at Chico State tonight. The temperature is expected to climb to 105 degrees. Yuck! I'm ready for the Fall weather... hopefully we will be set up inside. For now I have a few hours to myself so I plan to practise some of the collage techniques I learned from Nancy last Sunday. I had a fun time and took some pictures of what I made. Tommorrow I take a friend, Dave...I mentioned him before...he helped me learn the computer and I owe alot to him...we are going to Sacramento to visit some doctors...he is diabetic and needs a checkup. We have doctors here in Chico but it seems all the specialists are moving away to bigger markets. It is becoming a trend around here!
Well, I better get the glue gun...three hours of art time goes by fast! Have a fun day and don't forget to make time for art!

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Cathy Louise said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog it was really nice of you...Take care Cathy