Dec 6, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like

Christmas Craft Faires!
I am having a great time at the Diva Designs Annual Christmas Fair! Terry's house is gorgeous and soooo Christmasy! Is Christmasy a word?... well it is now! There are soooo many terrific Christmas decorations I could go hog wild with my credit card... good thing it's sitting in a frozen cup of water in my freezer... I have zero will power and freezing my cc card prevents me from using it... by the time it defrosts ... (that's the secret)... my euphorea has passed and I don't have a huge cc bill to contend with at the end of the month. I did budget some money to spend on Christmas though so I do not completely deny myself some goodies.
The weather is the only party pooper.... fog and lot's of it! It was so foggy this morning visiblity was only half a block. We haven't had any fog this year... I swear it waited for the Christmas
Fair! My booth is outside and I do have a gazebo tent but everything was wet when I came back this morning... I did pack up my things and brought them home though because the fog was forming before I left last night... I noticed some of my collage pieces were curling... not good... because it was so damp. Well, now I know... collage is not compatible with damp weather.

The pictures are of the inside Terry's home and my booth... I have not figured out how to label each of my pictures with the blogger page... any advice is greatly appreciated, in case they are any computer experts out there... check out the handmade stuffed bears and how about the frog ballerinas! oh my goddess, I am crazy about stuffed animals and when they are wearing clothes... forget about it! ... and I almost forgot... I am selling some of my creations! Yay! I am always self conscious when I sell my work when I compare it to the other artists and crafters.
Well, tomorrow is another day at the Christmas fair, I hope the fog goes away! I still cannot warm up my feet!
Have a fun Sunday and don't forget to laugh out loud... I did today... there are some very funny people at this fair!
xoxo Inge

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