Dec 25, 2011

I will admit that I fell off the wagon these past couple of weeks. Patients brought literally bags and bags of sweets to the infusion center, and I found myself eating Sees candy, cookies and cakes. It is sooo easy to fall back into old eating habits. Even at home I found myself "craving" breads and chips. My son brought home donuts this morning, including my favorite, apple fritter (a huge one probably 1,000 calories worth). Of course I ate the whole thing. A few minutes ago I was thinking about starting on one those chocolate Santas someone gave us but I said "stop!" I made myself a salad and kale green smoothie instead. Its esy to reach for the processed foods and junk foods....I will also admit that most of it tastes good. I bet if I research it, I will find that corporations who make all this "junk" food has people on staff whose full time job is to make sure these foods are tasty...its like a drug dealer making sure his "product" is tasty for addicts. Sugar is doubt in mind. And on that note I'm going to research that...

Eat your fruits and veggies!   And hope you are enjoying Christmas!    xo  Inge

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