Mar 2, 2008

Another Sunday !

I can't believe it's Sunday again! I have learned so much this past week about loading pictures onto my blog, setting up an etsy shop, creating a blog, and links. For me that's alot of information! I am grateful to all the etsy people who gave me great advice and honest opinions, made a banner for me, and to Dave who helped me put all together on my computer.

I will be adding new names of artists to my blog whose work I admire and give me inspiration on a regular basis. Be sure to check out their work.

I am leaving this Thursday for L.A. to visit my son and his girlfriend and to go to the Mother of all fleamarkets... the Pasadena FleaMarket at the RoseBowl! I plan to check it out to see how much things sell for and interview sellers to see if it is a profitable place to sell. Up here in Northern California, the fleamarkets are more like yard sales. I just cannot make the kind of money I need to earn a living. The closest antique fleamarket here is in Sacramento and they are only open once a month. In southern California there seems to be at least a dozen!

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