Mar 22, 2008

Second Etsy Shop Now Open!

I opened my second etsy shop today. I will sell retro, kitsch, and vintage items. I was selling a mix of things in my first shop, but since I plan to get alot more collectibles I decided to open a seperate shop. My new shop is Come check it out!

I also worked in my antique booth in Paradise today. The store was slow so I spent my time educating myself about costume jewelry. Wow! There is so much information to learn about!
It might take awhile but I plan to learn all I can so I can sell costume jewelry in my shop.

Tomorrow Olive, my Chihuahua and I will go yardsale hopping. Hope we find some bargains!

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sguyot said...

The history of costume jewelry is only just now being written and the more that gets uncovered the mroe interesting it becomes. If you would like to learn about a real "unsung costume jewelry hero" do a search on "Ruth Kamke"