Mar 14, 2008

It's 12:30 a.m. John is asleep and I am up lurking around the web, uploading photos to my flickr site and adding items to my etsy shop. I am proud to say I learned how to edit some pictures for my blog and added a guest book. Please feel free to leave suggestions or comments about my blog, flickr photos, or etsy shop.

My chihuahua, Olive is sleeping on the chair with me and Austin my orange tabby is curled up on my lap. No wonder my neck hurts. I'm all twisted up pecking away at the keypad trying not to disturb my furry kids. I plan to be busy this weekend creating new goodies. I bought some wonderful images from another etsy shop, Creations by Danielle, that I plan to do collage with, or maybe decoupage... I don't know I will probably change my mind a dozen times. Sometimes it's a curse being a Libra. I also got back my photos from my L.A. trip and some of them came out good enough to make notecards out of. So many crafting little time!

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