Mar 18, 2008

First Etsy Sale!!

I made my first etsy sale today! I sold three French poodle brooches and I am very happy :D
I have been a memeber of for a month now and I was beginning to wonder if I would sell something anytime soon. I am used to selling on eBay where I know within a week if my item will sell. I sold a bit faster with ebay but I didn't make much money. My starting bids were usually 99 cents, so I kept my fingers crossed that the item up for bid would reach what I really wanted for the item. I found if I put the starting bid much higher I would not get any bids. I think there were alot of people who hoped to get the item for next to nothing, which is great for the buyer but not a way to make a living for a seller.

I enjoy more because my listings are much cheaper and they are kept for three mths, not one week. So glad I found their website. I stumbled onto a thread on eBay that talked about etsy compared to eBay. It seems there is just too much drama at eBay and not much positive, helpful forums.


TenJewel said...

Congratulations on your 1st Etsy sale, the first of many I’m sure!

Karma by Morgan said...

congrats!!! I hope you have many more :)