Jun 20, 2008

Summer is Here!!!!

And it is sizzling! I had to cover some of my plants in the court yard because the afternoon sun was frying them! I really enjoy the heat...my bones and joints feel better, but I must confess the heat gets to me when I have to drive somewhere. It's the initial part of getting in the car before the air conditioner kicks in that is the worst! Little Olive really hates the heat...anything over 80 degrees and she is panting. Poor baby!! She will brave the heat though. She loves going out with her mom!

John and I went to the farmers market and found delicious strawberries and local honey, but not one tomato. I was so disappointed! Now is the time to buy the best tomatoes. This salmonella scare really sucks! I really don't see why there is such a panic! Only 415 cases out of how many millions of people in the US???? Spare me please!

Oh, before I forget Snoop Dog came to the Senator Theater in Chico, right across the street of the restaurant where I work. Vanessa made up a sign to hopefully get his attention and maybe get him to come in the restaurant. Well, Snoop didn't make it but his bandmates did and got a kick out of the sign. It seems that Snoop isn't as young and fresh as he used to be and needed a nap before his performance. Oh well! I was hoping to get a picture of me and him!

I got two awesome books in the mail today from Amazon! One is Collage Lost and Found by Giuseppina "Josie"Cirincione, and French Country Living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg. I can't wait to devour each one! Oh! and I found the current issue of Romantic Country Magazine... at Safeway of all places!

Enjoy your Friday night! I have some reading to do...

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