Apr 19, 2010

I went to the State Board of Equalization today and got my seller's permit. I figured I need to just do it and start signing up with these flea markets that I have been wanting to sell at. Yesterday's visit to the Long Beach flea market got me excited. There were lots of shoppers there and they were buying. It costs $5 to get in so I guess anyone willing to give up $5 from the start is serious about buying. Did I mention that I am selling at the Lamb of God church parking lot this Saturday? They are located in Anaheim. I will mention it again on Friday and give the address in case you are in the neighborhood. I ordered 35 air plants almost 2 weeks ago and I am excited about getting them. I have fun containers to put them in and will be selling them too... hopefully they arrive before Saturday. If not I do have several succulents ready to go.
Hope your day is succulent and full of laughter!
xoxo Inge

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Beatnheart said...

You ought to do the Vets Stadium...I think they have a show coming on for the 5th Sunday or just go to the little booth they have set up at the show( just found it in the paper, they have a special show May 30th..the # is 323 655-5703 I think the guy's name is Steve..The price of a space is around $80 or so but you get so much more traffic than these piddily shows...its the real deal. I usually make at least $1000 per show..you want to have plently of tables and enough merchandise...Do It...If you are interested in selling, this is the place..