Apr 5, 2010

This weekend was action packed! Saturday, I sold at the Mercantile Flea Market in the Carpe Diem Experience parking lot (and I made a profit!)... Sunday I worked a 12 hour shift taking care of an 80 something, lovely woman (I still work at the caregiver agency but only when they need fill in work) and experienced the earth move under my feet... literally! There is nothing like an earthquake to remind you that Mother Nature is always in charge!

I didn't show up to the Mercantile Flea Mart Show until 8:20 am... we were supposed to set up between 8 and 10 am... I am used to working flea markets and the vendors are always lined up to go inside before the appointed time and is crowded... but this time I was the 2nd to arrive (those free spirited artists like to sleep in) and I got to choose my spot. Of course I picked the space that said "pursue your passion."

These are old cds that have reincarnated as refrigerator magnets. I sold 4 of them!
Hope your Easter weekend was abundant and you had lots of laughs with friends and family!
xoxo Inge

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