Apr 25, 2010

The outdoor market was a success. There were not as many vendors and customers as I hoped, but I made a profit and I am happy. I also got a lead for a festival in La Habra, called the Avocado Festival, May 22nd. I will call tomorrow to sign up. Meanwhile I bought more plants and I am having fun with them. I really am excited because one of the reasons we moved down here was so I could have my own business and selling at outdoor markets is a start!
I have been practising the techinques in the book "You Can Heal Your Life" and I really believe it is working. I am changing my thoughts and manifesting what I want not what I do not want. I must admit there are some days that are more challenging than others. I am still working on this job thing. The chiropractor is not giving me nearly as much work as I thought... John says that maybe I am really not supposed to be working there and to focus on my business. I wish I could find a part time job Monday through Friday though... I would feel more secure. But I do not want to dwell on that and focus on the positive and be thankful for what I have!
I really am lucky to have a supportive family!
I am thankful to have good health!
I am thankful I made a profit yesterday!
I am thankful to get information about the coming festival!
I am thankful I have a comfortable home!
Hope your weekend was full of laughter!
xoxo Inge

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