Sep 14, 2011

Update about my doctor visit last Friday... I have to get this off my chest first....and a disclaimer....I love my doctors and I am grateful they take such good care of me...BUT that day I observed an intern/resident sitting on the floor looking through a patients file. I am wildly aware of germs since I got sick because my immune system has been compromised andd still is not normal. Seeing that doctor sitting on the dirty floor bothered me. Then a resident came in my patient room and wanted to shake my hand...she did not wash her hands when she came in. I remember when all doctors did this and when I was in the hospital they applied antibacterial gel when they came and when they left. The resident was visibly offended when I declined her handshake..that got us off to a rough start, but I believe it is up to me to watch out for myself so if I offend someone then you know what they say in Russia "Tough shitskies". I know it isn't called Russia anymore...
Anyway after some tests, the teaching doctor came in and banged around my kneecaps with a rubber mallot thingy. The right leg gave a slight response; the left one nothing. He agreed with my physical therapist...I can't feel my feet...the suspected culprit...5FU chemo. I have to have an MRI of my spine to get a better look...then they will hook up electrodes to my legs. There are days I feel like I am turning into  my grandmother. I don't want to see all these doctors...I want to go dancing, walk without a walker, go to the gym and lift weights, be a part of a protest, ride a life! I added motorcycle because in 1999 I was a waitress at Mels Drive In in San Francisco (talk about feeling alive!I loved every crazy minute at that restaurant) One day this motorcycle drove up and parked... the person riding it took off HER helmet..she was dressed in full leathers and came in the diner right by my station.  She looked fantastic and I told her so... she replied "I'm 67 years young!"
I want to be just like her when I grow, forget that I don't want to grow up...that's boring!
Eat your fruit & veggies!   xo Inge

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