Sep 7, 2009

What an emotional roller coaster ride this weekend was. I looked at those rentals and the house turned out to be a duplex... nothing wrong with that but no air conditioning... next! The townhouse was so nice but the only down side is the highway 5 South is literally next door! Actually it is an overpass but still there is some freeway noise. I liked everything else about the place, so I will put that in my short list.

Remember when I blogged about how prospective employers do a background check? Well, try renting something now a days! I had to fill out so much paperwork to apply to rent a home I thought I was applying for a home loan! Credit check to the tune of $30 each application, for each home - non-refundable... employers verification, checking and savings account numbers and balances, personal references, credit card balances and account numbers, past residences and on and on! If you think you have a right to privacy in the good ole USA, think again! Thanks to computers there is a file the size of War and Peace on each of us, thank you very much! I already got all pissed off but decided that if I wanted to live in a home and not my car I have to play the game but my sensible hubby pointed out as soon as we have a key to a place, I will change all the account numbers and therefore lessen the chance for identity theft. Ha!

I did manage to find some time to have fun. I went to my dinner party and had a great time...even indulged myself with a couple glasses of wine. I have a new feathered friend, Fred a parrot. It seems Fred has decided she likes me and enjoys the back rubs I give her. She does not like many people so I am honored to be one of the chosen ones. I miss my family so much... it is going on 5 weeks so I am hoping it won't be much longer and we will be together. For now I will take the friendship of Fred and of course her human parents Charma and Ken.
Have a fun Labor Day and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge
Oh and another successful Burning Man comes to a close...

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d. moll, said...

Good luck with that housing, sounds like Santa Cruz. Cute bird friend!