Jun 4, 2011

I went to a birthday party today that happened to be in the condo complex where John and I are moving into. We have been taking 2 car loads everyday until the big move which is June 12th...anyways today I decided to make a salad in my large porcelain bowl to share at the party at my condo and decided to walk over to the pool area where the party was. Sounds normal enough right? What I didn't take into consideration is speed bumps... something we all walk over everyday... but for me it was a problem...my balance is not quite right...I couldn't do it by myself...so I waited holding the large porcelain bowl that was getting heavier by the minute. I knew I would have to ask for help... something I am not used to...I'm Miss Independence but today anyways I had to face it...I had to ask a stranger for help.

Finally a car drove by with what looked like a car full of gang bangers...Luckily the driver side window was open so I swallowed my stubborn pride and called out for help. The car stopped and I asked the driver if he could help me get over the speed bump and walk me to the curb where the sidewalk was even. The driver got out and came over to me and asked where I was going so I told him I was on my way to a party at the pool...so he called out to what turned out to be his son and told him to walk me to the pool and carry the bowl.

It turned out that this "car full of gang bangers' was a family going to visit their grandma. Another reminder for me not to judge...also to ask for help. When I think about it now I was not only learning to ask for help but I allowed this family to get karma points for helping me.
xo Inge

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