Jun 22, 2011

The surgery went well yesterday. To make sure I was calm I took my panic attack pill before I got to the hospital. It makes me sleepy though, so I was already napping before I went to the OR. It took me 3 hours to wake up and ready to go home...which is a long time...I think the panic attack pill put me over the top.

My doc said that he did not see any c-word left...YAY! but he sent some tissue to the lab to be sure. We get all the info in a week. Today my rear end and neck are sore. I understand my rear end but my neck? I am feeling better than I expected and I am grateful...for everything! I am sooo blessed. John had to go back to work today, but CJ is coming over to visit. I plan to rest and maybe take a short walk. The sun is shining and the birds are singing...what a wonderful day!
xo Inge

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