Jun 7, 2011

I went to visit doc this morning for checkup and got a thumbs up. Everything looks good! But lately...well ever since the Pet Ct scan I have been having panic attacks. I knew they were bad 2 days ago when John & I were in our detached garage...John had the garage door opener in his pants pocket and when he bent over the garage door started to close...I got so upset that I pooped my pants. It took me about 5 minutes to calm down. Now logically this doesn't make sense because we cannot get locked in...but in my mind I was afraid.
I told my doc about it and he will refer me to a psychologist...he reminded me that I have been through alot, so having some psychological issues is normal. I do have a history of anxiety/panic disorders, but the last time I experienced it was over 20 years ago when my dad died...he was my age...so my illness could have triggered it. Anyways I am working on it and will not let it rule my life...just like the OCD that sometimes tries to take over. I will beat this too!
xo Inge

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