Jul 10, 2008

Enough already!

I am really getting annoyed with this fire business! The air around here has gone from sort of crappy to real crappy this these past 3 weeks. I had to go out and buy myself a respirator because the smoke has finally gotten to me. Have you ever tried to coordinate an outfit around a respirator? Not an easy task. The weather is really hot too, but not as high as predicted. The smoke is creating a blanket and keeping temperatures in the 100s but not 110 as first thought. It is so humid though... Louisianna weather without the fun of Bourbon street... hey, maybe we should put together a parade and make the most out of this. I came to work yesterday to a smoke filled restaurant and a broken air conditioner! Whew! We are having some fun now! I got so hot, I took off my bow tie and unbuttoned my top button to stay as comfortable as possible. My manager asked me to put on the bow tie because he was afraid the owner would come in and chew him out for me not wearing the dress code. I told him, he should be grateful I wasn't working in my underwear! Needless to say, the bow tie remained off. I already passed two years ago from heat exhaustion and I will not do that again!

Well, since I am stuck indoors, I will look for some art projects to do...

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Laume said...

Hi - I saw you respond to someone on Flickr's Shades of Inspiration Group and had to come see who had the good taste to love both treasure hunting for junk and chihuahuas. My kinda person. And ooooooh, I can so sympathize with you and your lovely mask. I'm up in Susanville and even though you posted this weeks ago, it's still smoky! I was up in Washington for five days this week. It was lovely, in the 70's, NO smoke. I felt great. Came back into the heat and smoke yesterday and by this afternoon I felt miserable again - head ache, tired, dizzy. I am so ready for this summer to be over - I feel like so far we've been cheated out of a summer altogether because I can't get outside in it to garden or walk or enjoy it at all! Okay, whine over. Nice to meetcha neighbor.