Jul 25, 2008

I don't know about you but the older I get the faster the days seem to fly by. Can you believe it...in exactly six months we will be celebrating Christmas??? Well, not everyone will but you know what I mean. And of course time itself has always remained the same so it really is my perspective that has changed. The older I get, the more aware I am of how short time on this beautiful planet is and am I really doing what I want to be doing within this finite time frame? I don't mean to be sounding morbid, I am just taking some time out to say out loud something I often find myself reflecting on...at least when there is nothing good to watch on television!

Yesterday I got to spend some of my time at one of my favorite places....Treasures From Paradise. That is the antique mall where I rent a booth and work a couple days a month as part of my rental agreement. I think I mentioned the antique mall before in one of my earlier posts, but I can't remember for sure because another thing has changed the older I get...I can't remember half the stuff I do! What a royal pain in the neck that is! Except, of course I can remember clearly every sin committed against me and I can carry a grudge against the offending person forever.

Ok, back to Treasures From Paradise...I took lots of pictures this time to showcase the many other dealer booths...cause you never know...you might be looking for a fun place to visit, especially since the town of Paradise is getting back to normal since almost being wiped off the face of the map due to those nasty fires! I also got to meet my neighbor, Susan who has rented a booth there for two years. Her merchandise is quite similar to mine, but she also has a fabulous collection of vintage aprons. Susan told me she has been a lifetime collector "because there are so many lovely things in the world", and decided to turn her hobby into a small business adventure.

She also has taught kindergarten for 18 years, which in my opinion is a major feat in itself...don't get me wrong...I like kids, but to be in a room with 20 five year olds for 5 hours a day! I just couldn't do it! Her husband is a professional photographer and has a website you can check out...

I am still experimenting with photobucket, so I put the pictures of the other antique dealer booths on the slide show below the text, and the pictures of Susan's booth are on top. Oh, and the white display case Susan is standing next to was made by her dad! I guess the whole family is quite talented!

Did I mention how much I enjoy working in that mall? I have always liked working in retail but the low hourly pay...not so much. I will be thrilled when I get my own little shop, but the plan as it now stands is to move down south and sell at the fabulous flea markets there. I hope this economy will turn around by the time we move, but that's another topic and I don't want to dwell on that. Oh, I almost forgot! Over a week ago I signed up to volunteer in the local Obama campaign office, cause volunteering might lead me to that press secretary job I secretly dream about...actually my dream is to have a platform to get my opinions across, at least until I get kicked off the podium. Anyway, back to the volunteer gig, the person in charge told me there were more people wanting to volunteer than there were openings! Wow! A glimmer of hope!


Laume said...

I've noticed the "time speeding up as we grow older" phenomenon for the last decade or so. Nowadays a season feels like a month used to in my younger days, a month zips by as fast as a week used to - etc.

And an entire classroom of kindergarteners? I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I just spend four days corraling... er, I mean enjoying quality time with four of my grandkids - ages almost 4, 3, 2, and JUST BORN. Let's just say that a triple shot iced caramel macchiato are a grandmother's best friend.

Lola Enchanted said...

I do think time goes faster as you age... DARN!!!
I just stopped by to thank you for adding my pic to your group on flickr!!!!
That was really nice of you!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!