Jul 6, 2008

My days off from the restaurant always go by too fast! But I have 24 hours before I go back tomorrow, so I will live in the moment and enjoy every minute of this day! It is still smokey around here. It's been that way for over two weeks now. Mother Nature doesn't seem to be done cleaning house, so all we can do is wait it out. Chico's motels are full of fire fighters from all over California and surrounding states. In a creepy way, they are getting a boost during this economic slow down. Chico is definitely not a tourist destination, so the only time the motels get full around here is graduation time and when parents help their kids settle in to college life. Anyway back to the fire fighters...they are staying in Chico to rest up for 24 hours and then back to work, but for some reason...maybe adrenaline...they have enough energy to walk around downtown. I work downtown, in a restaurant with a huge window, big enough to watch these guys walking around. I have yet to see an average looking fire fighter! Maybe it's their image...fearless, strong, hunky! Whatever it is, I am certainly enjoying these fabulous men!

Have I told you about the flickr site and how it is a terrific place to see artist's photographs? Well, I seem to spend alot of time there, not only getting inspiration from other artists, but I also read their blogs, and sometimes email them.

I want to tell you about one woman ( pictured above ) I met via flickr who I think is very talented. Her name is Jamie and she is a jewelry artist. She loves old jewelry, especially rhinestones, and she takes that jewelry and creates something new. Some of her newest creations are made from millenary flowers, adorning them with rhinestones to make the finished product a unique lapel pin. Jamie is self taught and gets her inspiration from everything around her, especially vintage. She likes to mix rough metal with old sparkle to create a one-of-a-kind look. If it's got sparkle and has a history it has a good chance of becoming a part of her art.

She loves her family and has lots of pictures of them on her blog. Jamie has a green thumb too! The pictures of her garden are quite inviting, even a garden snake decided to make itself at home for a bit. Jamie is a member of Indiepublic and has a shop on esty.com. I invite you to visit her shop at http://www.simplymeart.etsy.com/. and of course check out what's new on her blog

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