Jul 1, 2008

I'm back home. I really do enjoy driving long distances...I should have been a trucker. I get a kick out of seeing the countryside. There was a motorcycle club on highway 5 called the Iron Hoggz. Their motorcycles were so colorful! and two of the riders were women which really got my attention. I googled them and found them on MySpace. They are based out of Bakersfield (not a place I am interested in living...it's way too hot for me and smoggy and dusty...)but check out these bikers, they are an interesting group of people!

I always have a good time when I visit James. He took me to a dance club where the average age was 45 years old...which I thought was terrific! Older people having fun and dancing! It seemed that most of these people were single and looking...There was even one women who we guessed was about 70 years old! Wow! Anna was a little creeped out though. There was some people on the dance floor who were "making out" and that was a bit much for her.

Then we went to a Kareoke club. That crowd was completely different. There was a mix of single women and men, men dressed as women and this entertaining couple who was fighting! Luckily we sat next to them...I always enjoy a good fight between couples. It was obvious by the look on the woman's face that her date was pissing her off. Finally she dumped her beer on him and got up to leave...but this guy just couldn't keep his mouth shut...so she came back and punched him right in the nose! I was thrilled! Who needs to watch reality shows when all I have to do is go to Kareoke bars. That seems to be where the action is!

Saturday, we went to Huntington Beach. Surfers, odd balls Jesus freaks, bikinis, the ocean... so much eye candy! Very nice! I am excited about moving here and I know John will love it!

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