Jul 27, 2008

Yay!! Blue Skies!!

I woke up this morning to blue skies...first time in over 3 weeks. I am soooo happy to see it! I have been feeling lazy these past few weeks...well not lazy, I have been doing my chores and taking care of the furbabies. I guess unmotivated to make stuff is a better choice of words. I have been messing around on the web alot and watching t.v... maybe I have been recharging myself.

Well, today is a new day and I made a bird collage out of an old wooden picture I got at the thrift store...and John took pictures of me wearing a fabulous leopard coat I bought in L.A. at a yard sale for...20 CENTS!!! It's brand new and I LOVE IT! The woman who sold it to me said her 15 year old daughter wouldn't let her wear it in public. I guess that kid is lucky Cindy Lauper isn't her mom! I also got a picture of me wearing my new t-shirt, "Well behaved women rarely make history", I ordered from the Junk Gypsy Company website. I bumped into their site a couple of months ago on someone else's blog and I really like their merchandise. If you like western meets bohemian style go check out http://www.gypsyville.com/. Oh yeah, I couldn't get a disk made from the tattoo pictures I took the day I got my tattoo from Joe in Minneapolis...I know you're disappointed...so John took a new picture of my dragonfly tat. How do you like John's Elton John sunglasses? He's getting himself in the L.A. frame of mind...

John and I are just goona hang out and enjoy the rest of this Sunday...hope you do the same!


kim* said...

pretty tat. :) thank God for blue skies finally

kim* said...

yeah i have a flickr, but those are dresses i bought from rachzel.etsy.com

my flickr name is circlesareforever

Rascallion said...

Nice tattoo!
Do people tell you that you look like Susan Sarandon? (Because you do!lol)