Nov 29, 2008

Bow Wow! Meow!

I have been busy getting ready for the Christmas Craft Fair this coming weekend. I didn't realize this was so huge... I mean I have participated in other craft fairs but not as fancy as this one! I am really excited now and have been making more treasures to make sure I have enough to last three days. I will be located outside in the orchard of a ranch house outside the Chico city limits, so I bought a canopy and will decorate it with Christmas lights since Friday we will open in the evening. I will take lots of pictures...

At the moment I am taking a break from all the gluing and the pasting... it's funny that I like to collage because I do not like sticky fingers... never have... I'm full of paradoxes. I am watching the movie "French Kiss "with Meg Ryan and snooping around etsy my online muse and I found such a cute shop!

Do you have furbabies? How about friends or loved ones who are the proud parents of a pooch or kitty? Did you know there is a shop at etsy that turns photos of those adorable furry creatures
and makes fun collages and doggie "licenses" out of them? They are and

How YappyHappy.Com Began...
"Like most dog lovers, I'm always on the lookout for uniqueitems for my own dogs. And when it came time to shopfor a new dog tag, I wanted something special.
Unfortunately, all I could find were boring metal tags thatmade a lot of noise – and for my Chihuahua's they wereway too heavy.
So, one day while I was creating a scrapbooking project forone of my dogs, I decided to create a miniature driver'slicense for use within my project. It turned out so good, thatI decided to make a dog tag out of it.
Reaction from the local Orange County dog parks about mydog's new tag was unexpected. And I found myself making tags for all my friends as gifts.
As a result, I started YappyHappy.Com to make available myunique dog tag for everyone. Today, we make not only dog tags, but key chains, magnets, tote bags, luggage tags, and more.
And, although my original intention was to make a dog tag that looked fun, I quickly realized how much more important they were to my customers. By having so much important information about your dog on them, they better ensure your baby will be returned home safely if they should ever get lost.

"My dogs are considered members of my own family. There is nothing I wouldn't do to keep them safe. I hope our products will not only add some fun in your lives, but will aid in the return of your pet should they ever get lost."
- Deanne, Founder YappyHappy.Com

I do not have a great deal of money to spend this year... so I will be supporting only small businesses online and in my neighborhood. I have lots of friends with dog children so Happy Yappy is definitely on my shopping list! Stop in and buy something fun and unique for your loved ones!

Have a fun day and don't forget to laugh out loud!


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