Nov 30, 2008

Five days and counting

until the Diva Designs Annual Christmas Fair. I have been working like a six foot elf making what I hope are enough treasures to sell at the show this coming weekend. I did find time to do some house cleaning and play with my furbabies... I am so thankful to my hubby for taking care of most of the chores including feeding me. I am so lucky to have found him... it only took three tries to get a terrific husband!... hee hee! I work the next three days and I just do not have any time to work on my crafts those days, so I only have Thursday left and I need to price, take inventory, pack... wait I cannot think about that now I am getting nervous.
Here are some photos of some of the items I will sell. The bird motiffs are refrigerator magnets, and gift tags, the plates are cookie and cupcake plates... in case you were wondering...

Hope you had a great holiday weekend spending time with those you love, and doing things that you enjoy!
Don't forget to laugh out loud at work tomorrow... it makes people wonder what you're doing.


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