Nov 18, 2008

It feels like Spring around here

and I am enjoying it! Fall is definitely my favorite time of favorite author Leo Buscaglia...I have all his books is a big fan of fall too... namely the falling leaves part... he has written a book ""The Fall of Freddie the Leaf"... a children's book to cope with the death of a loved one...oops I'm rattling on... there is something wonderful walking through freshly fallen leaves... I can't explain it very well at the moment...just go out and try it!

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is so close! John and I do not celebrate it anymore since we usually work that day so other's can spend time fighting ... I mean enjoying their family's company. We like the food alright but I would rather see James and Anna without the pressure of a holiday.

I bet Vermont is gorgeous this time of year... I lived in Asheville, N.C. in the late 70s and loved the fall trees... they don't call it the Smokey Mountains for nothing! If you have never been back east during the fall, I highly recommend the trip! Speaking about Vermont, there is a watercolor artist who has a shop who paint nature and animals that are whimsical and fun!

Her work is lovely... my furbabies give her a 4 paws up!
She says she generally paint with watercolors, but you'll find the occasional acrylic painting here as well. She lives in Vermont with her husband and two crazy poodles., and is always interested in hearing from people, so drop her a line... or tell her if there's something you'd like to see in her shop!

Well, gotta run for now... don't forget to walk around in some leaves today... and don't forget to laugh out loud!


Scarlet Fields said...

Spring was even in the air here in Indiana yesterday, I played hookie all afternoon, it felt like the last sunny day for a while! Scarlet

juNKstyLEdiVA said...

Good time to stay indoors and create!!!!! Cheers! Inge