Nov 16, 2008

Junque Art Tre Magnifique!

I absolutely love to collect junk and turn it into something fabulous or keep it in it's original form and love it just the way it is. I used to to think I was maybe a bit strange... no different... stopping at junk piles alongside the road and sifting through someone's throw aways or stopping at a dumpster sitting in front of a house under going a remodel to maybe find that perfect something.
Thanks to this wonderful world of the internet I am introduced to so many kindred spirits... people who are not afraid to be labled "dumpster divers"... in fact they wear the title as a badge of honor! I found another kindred spirit who has an online shop at / ... she takes junk and makes fabulous works of art with it. In fact Scarlet was influenced by some pretty creative women when she was a girl, her grandmother taught her to sew, taught her not to waste and that there were many treasures to be found at a Goodwill Store. Her third grade teacher, Mrs. Rush, taught her that a bar of soap could really be a turtle, and her aunt taught her the joy of a "craft closet". "I love finding and putting found objects togather to create an art piece with a story to tell. My art is whimsical, playful and most always funny in a tongue in cheek sort of way. I strive to make art that is affordable and will almost always be a conversation piece."
Her blog is full of quirky pictures and musings

and don't forget to laugh out loud today!

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Scarlet Fields said...

Thank you so very much!! I am loving all of the online,coming togather of kindred spririts. What a blessing and again, Thank you so much!! Scarlet