Nov 11, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

that I found in some etsy shops. For the month of November and December I will snoop through and tell you about some of my favorite finds... like Christmas decor, gift giving, andf plain old fabulous goodies a Diva like myself can't live without!

I found Mr. Filthy Rotten while I was surfing the vintage etsy section... as I mentioned before, I am all about vintage! Not only does Mr. Filthy Rotten have fun and kitschy stuff, he has a fun, kitschy personality... check out his profile:

"I'm a wild and crazy person. I love old things. I like oddball things. Kitschy stuff. Fun stuff. I try to prove there's a buyer for everything lol! I love to make things and hope to put up some of my off-the-wall creations soon.I love to cook. Italian food! I love my panini maker. I couldn't live without it. I love everything and everyone! I love bananas. I drive people bananas at times. Especially my brother. I love him too. Check out my items.
Smoochies for everyone who stops by!"

Now that's a guy I could go junking with! Check out his shop and get some fun stuff for the holidays!!!

Now go out and have some Fun!!!!



MrFilthyRotten said...

Wow what a blast! Thank you so much for featuring my etsy shop. Name the time & date and I'll fly out to California and we'll go junking together! Major smoochies for you!


juNKstyLEdiVA said...

You are on Mr Filthyrotten!

Cheers! Inge