Nov 22, 2008

Let me start off by saying... I am typing with 2 Chihuahuas and a cat on my lap... I need longer arms...

I worked at Treasures from Paradise today... I really enjoy it! People who shop in antique shops are shop interesting... at least I think so. Business is picking up... even I sold lots of treasures from my booth! yippee!!! for me!!! I am sad to say I have decided to close my booth at the end of the year though, because I need to concentrate on moving down to southern California... even though the move probably will not happen before June. John is flying to Switzerland to visit his sister in April... a trip planned a long time ago... so it is pointless to move before that and for him to start a new job and ask for time off... I was hoping to move sooner but that is the way things go sometimes.

I am just ready to move on... we miss the ocean; I want to sell at flea markets and the ones around here are terrible; I will be closer to family; John and I don't relate to people here... we do love our home though... I had to look at 34 places before I found this place. I was shocked at how the rentals are kept around here... the excuse is the college students will mess it up so why maintain the property. There was one place I looked at that I thought was a crime scene! The college students are used as a scapegoat for alot of things in Chico like the low wages, but if you ask me I think the business owners are just cheap! I read that 60% of the jobs here pay below $10.00 an hour! How can anyone live on that?

I learned a valuable lesson though for the next move... research median income and use the demographics and stats page on Google! When we moved here it was at the end of the hot housing market and everything within 200 miles of San Francisco was priced crazy! We liked the environment... hey they had two health food stores and Trader Joes was on it's way... great parks and hiking trails... it's a college town so it must be pretty liberal right? Wrong! I'm not knocking Chico but it is far away from family and the nearest airport is 90 minutes away... John and I are just ready to go. We think that Chico is great if you have alot of money and are retired but we have some years left in us and the business ideas we have will not work here.

So I will use my time learning new job skills, researching places to live (any suggestions you have are welcomed), crafting, playing with my furbabies, working in that crazy restaurant, etc. Oh, and surfing the web...

I snooped through etsy today and found Another fun and fabulous shop! She has terrific gifts to get you ready for the holidays. I especially like the ornaments made from silverware. The owner has one son and 11 kitties!!! I think her 4 legged friends also work as models for alot of the artwork she makes! I am sure you will find the perfect gift for you or that special animal lover in your life in Oh My Buttons Shop.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Don't forget to laugh outloud!


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Anonymous said...

Hi thank you for joining blog!I can relate and identify! I live in wicked conservative/liberal? Mass.!?
I have tried to join art associations etc.. around here and they are still painting seagulls! Fine Art only ugh!
I hope you find your cozy cottage by the sea..its freezing here!
PS I love your cutie creations! Did you join Lollishops?