Nov 2, 2008

Two more days to go!

The Chico Democratic Headquarters went ahead and had their march and rally yesterday... I was surprised how many turned out even with the pouring down rain! I am taking the day off from work Tuesday to drive people to the voting polls. I figured I will not be able to focus at work anyway. I did not take my camera to the rally because I was afraid my camera would get ruined in the rain, so I'm sorry there aren't any photos of this event.

John and I visited James and Anna last weekend and spent as much time as we could at Huntington Dog Beach (we brought our furbabies on this trip). John has not been to the ocean in two years which is an eternity for him because when we lived in San Francisco he went daily to watch the sunset... I think we will be much happier in Southern California for many reasons, which seem to be growing almost daily... I don't like to complain (contrary to what some people might think) but since the Presidential race has heated up, there has been an increasing amount of racist comments coming from people who I never would have thought would talk or think like that! Most of these people are eating in the restaurant I work at so I am limited as to what I can say back to them.. they are lucky... if it were my establishment I would kick them out! In the 70s I lived in Asheville North Carolina and I had to listen to that small minded, ignorant, racist garbage... but that was over 30 years ago and after all, I am in California! I thought we were better than that! I really have to put myself in a "happy place" before I go to work these days! Wew! So glad I got that off my chest... now to happier topics!

As I was saying earlier John and I visited the kids... and James bought the Chihuahuas matching Halloween costumes... we took them to Petco in Anaheim for the costume contest and family photo. The employees at this store seem to really like their work and James told me they always have fun events for their customers! I wonder if I can get a job with them?

Oh, I almost forgot... do you read Romantic Country Magazine? Check out the latest issue... Fall 2008, go to page 18... I found her shop, Cottage White, accidently... I was driving on Pacific Coast Highway in Sunset Beach, and I saw this cute shop and circled the block so I could take a look around... and as I was paying for an adorable Baby sign, the sales assistant, mentioned her shop was featured in Romantic Country magazine and I remembered seeing it! We had a lovely conversation about living in So Cal ( I mentioned we are moving to the area) and the benefits of living close to the beach... the pictures in the magazine are nice but the store is more beautiful in person! If you find yourself in Sunset Beach, you must stop in and visit Cottage White, located at 14th and P.C.H. and treat yourself to some true Romantic Shabby Decor!

I better get going on my craft work, I only have a little over three weeks before the Diva Designs annual Christmas Fair! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't forget to vote on Tuesday! Inge

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