Mar 13, 2009

Be careful of online want ads!

As you I am looking for a new job and part of my search is on the internet... well, to be honest I have a wonderful man by the name of Damien who is my case worker at the employment office and he sends me job listings daily to my email...which saves me hours of time sorting through the job search engines. He has limited time as well and therefore cannot check out if each of these ads are to see if they are legit... that is my job.

So far I have found two that fooled me up until one asked for my password and a message from Yahoo jumped in to alert me that I should not give out that info to anyone but Yahoo...I still don't know how they figured that out. So I canceled the application. Actually, I should have paid attention the day before... the ad was for a customer service position from UHaul... I went down in person to drop off a resume and no one knew there was an open position. That's why I decided to apply online as well.

Then there was the meter reader position posted in craigslist... there was no mention it was pge but I assumed it was (you know what they say when we assume something!) so I applied online and halfway through I got alot of questions asking if I was interested in higher education and would I like to buy some I know that pge would like more revenue but I don't think they are in the business of selling online college degrees. So I deleted that one too.

I think in these times of job losses there will be more and more predators online posing as employers.. but are really looking to take what is left of your hard earned money. Check and recheck every single ad that does not sound right and do not give out any personal information over the interenet. If they are legit they can get that info when you show up for the interview.

I found a job interview on youtube that might be helpful to case your looking.
Peace out! and don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, said...

Scammers galore out there. Last week someone posing as my son called my dad and said he was in jail in Canada for DUI and needed $6,000, oh and don't tell my mom. My dad actually went to the bank and tried to wire the $$$ but he didn't have any ID, so the bank called me....

Hope you find a good job soon :~)