Mar 2, 2009

Eleven Years!

Wow! John you should get a medal for living with me for 11 years! I am very lucky to have you in my life and I am grateful to have found you. It only took 3 marriages...well you know what they say...third time is a charm! Did you ever see the movie "Sametime Next Year"? That is what it's like living with me. I have reinvented myself many times over... I have been called bossy (I prefer opinionated)... I sometimes sound like I have Tourettes when I get stressed out... I am a backseat driver... and the average man just couldn't "hang" with that... but you did, John. You are so thoughtful to find time during your busy work schedule ( a chef) and made me cupcakes (my favorite) and presented them to me after we got off work tonight. I am one lucky chick!

As for the rest of you...don't forget to laugh outloud (with that special someone) and if you are still looking don't give up... that person is out there! xoxo Inge

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