Mar 27, 2009

What is going on with our society?

I went to the Butte County Employment Office today to practise my typing. I do it at home too but they have a program that has typing games which is more fun than the boring ones I can get for free online. There was something posted on the computer however, that caught my attention, it read...

" These computers are used for purposes related to job search only. Online dating, chat rooms, and viewing of pornography is strictly prohibited"

Do we really need such postings? Can't men give their fascination with their dicks a time out at the employment office? Jeez!
Don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge


d. moll, said...

My chiropractor said 90% of what happens on the internet is pornography, this from her hubby, who is in the business (computers/internet, not porno....).

Michele said...

LOL That is all I have to say! You made me have a good chuckle :)But it is funny and sad all at once.