Mar 8, 2009

Census Schmensus!

Remember when I told you I took the Census test? Well, I called to check on the status and the woman on the other end told me I passed (in a very yippee!! tone) so I said great what is my next step and she said "oh we are only hiring military vets and bilingual speakers" ... well why the f#*k! didn't you tell me that before I wasted all that time studying for it and actually taking that stinkin test! I remember 20 years ago... I took the test cold turkey and was hired that same day. This job hunting crap is starting to piss me off. I apply on line and hear nothing back Well, today I was watching some tv show about job hunting and I learned that there actually computers programmed to weed out potential applicants by certain " buzz words or phrases"... how impersonal is that? Well, the next job I apply for I plan to use the buzz phrase
" Can I please work for your dumbass company you giant dumbass!" Oh and another place I applied for wanted a copy of my credit report. I will be happy to supply that information to you if you give me a copy of your financial report so I know if you are smart enough to not go bankrupt after I am hired! I cannot believe how complicated it is these days to find a job... all these hoops to go through and for a job that only pays $10.00 an hour IF I'm lucky! I feel like I'm a guest star on the tv show "Worst Week ". I am sooo gratreful to my friends who share jokes via email... they keep me laughing!

xoxo Inge


Scarlet Fields said...

You poor thing! I am sending postive job thoughts your way!!! Hang in there-S

Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL...Oh my! You don't know me, and I can't even remember how I ever got the link to your blog. Surely on some crafty place I visited. But, caught my attention and I've dropped by now and then. This blog mad me crack up. I FEEL your pain!
I love your "buzz" words! Wish I had the nerve to actually put them on an application. LOL It is disgusting the games we must play to get or even keep a job these days. No matter how menial it is.
Hang in there Inge! Remember your own words to laugh everyday!