Nov 30, 2009

Hello. My name is Olive and I decided to try my paw at this blogging thing. Mom is catching up with her favorite television shows so I asked her to let me do a guest blog. Mom and I follow Francesca and Sharkey at the Daily Wag blog and I have wondered what it would be like to have my own blog. I am a very busy Chihuahua though and I don't know if I have the time to blog regularly so I thought I would do a guest blog ... just to see what it is like.

Since mom had the day off and dad got home from work early we all got to go to our favorite dog park. The weather was great... especially for November! We met up with some regulars and even met some new friends.

The local "watering hole"

I am sharing some fashion tips with my new girl friends.

Another successful visit to the dog park.

Like my mom says... hope your day is good and don't forget to bark out loud!

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