Nov 18, 2009

Thank you d. moll for the comment responding to my question about being an empath ... aka field phenomenon. I looked that up and it had alot of scientific quantum mumbo jumbo. I do not have a scientific brain - never have but it did help me a bit. It made me decide to venture over to the spiritual paranormal sites and I found some articles about empathy and empaths. If you are so inclined venture over to this site and see if you could be an empath.

When I was a massage therapist I had to ground myself over and over when I worked on clients because I would energetically pick up their aches and pains... they would leave feeling great and I would be a mess! There was one client I can clearly remember who I worked on early in my career... that had emotional pain and sadness and when they left they were happy and I had to go home because I was an emotional wreck. I thought I was over this but I can see I'm not and I have to remind myself that someone else's emotional shit is not mine.

Have a fun day and don't forget to laugh out loud!

xoxo Inge

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d. moll, said...

As regards picking up extraneous emos of others I had a teacher who said "if you go in juicy you won't get slimed".