Feb 23, 2010

I went to Costa Mesa today to apply at Native Foods Cafe. It is a vegan restaurant located in a very "hip" mall that is unlike any mall I have ever been to. I'm sure if the owners knew I called it a mall they would be insulted. I got excited as soon as I arrived. The energy there was great! I am so not mainstream and I definitely realize it when I am around places like this, although it is ususally one shop among a zillion mainstream ones, not a string of like minded shops. I was able to get an interview right away which is great... it is a drag to fill out an application and have to keep coming back to check on it. Of course I was the oldest one again. I feel just as "hip" as the younger people who are also applying for a job. Can't they see how hip and young at heart I am? Well, maybe I don't look so hip when I first get out of bed but after a few stretches and coffee, I can run with the big dogs... ok... maybe fast walking.

Bought a birthday gift for Anna in here. They share retail space with Patagonia. I haven't seen one of those stores since I left S.F.

This tree is made out of some sort of metal

I would never thought to use a restored travel trailer as a shop. The plant shop was closed today. Darn it! I would have loved to snoop around that old Silverstream.

Owning my own motor home is definitely on my bucket list!

Beautiful succulent drought resistant plants.

I want another tattoo...

Hope your day is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

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