Feb 24, 2010

You never know who you will "fly" into on Twitter!

I am pretty new to this Twitter stuff. I only found out about it last year when Iran was clobbering it's citizens (again!) It was a way to find out what was happening there. Then... after awhile...I turned my focus on the move down south. When I think back on that whole thing #1 I am really proud of myself for taking myself out of my comfort zone and just going for it #2 Not panicking about being out of my comfort zone.

Lately, when I am not looking for work, I am cruising the internet (I know the correct term is surfing, but I prefer to cruise) I got back into Twitter on a more regular basis. I was linking some Abraham-Hicks videos to Twitter and suddenly I started meeting like-minded people. Who knew? Anyways there was one particular tweeter that contacted me and I just had to tweet back. It was the crown on her head that got my attention! If I had my way I would wear a crown everywhere. Why? Just because I think they are friggin fabulous! And really does a girl really need a reason to wear a crown? I pretty much feel the same way about wearing anything leapord... faux of course, silly! If you need a life coach or are just interested checking out her blog http://masterpeacecoaching.typepad.com/

Well, I did not hear back about that vegan restaurant job. Do you think he could smell the chicken I had for lunch on my breath? I'm guessing that had to be it. Oh, well... next!

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