Mar 11, 2010

I got this picture from their blog.

Yesterday, I went to another home care agency in Orange, California. I figured it would be a good idea to sign up with at least 2 agencies to make sure I get steady work. To be honest, I didn't "click" with this one. It was a group interview and those of us chosen to go on to the next round will be called back on Monday. I am amazed that these type of agencies pay so low! They expect a lot from their employees but are only willing to pay the minimum. Don't they understand the idea "you get what you pay for"? Here is an example... the pay is $110 for a 24 hour shift, because the employee will be sleeping there. But anyone who has cared for a sick and/or elderly person knows that they don't sleep and neither will you! I calculated that the hourly pay is less than $5 an hour, before taxes to work the 24 hour shift. The pay is more for regular hourly shifts. I am not available for 24 hour shifts... because of the low pay (I am worth a lot more than that) and I will not stay away from my family for that long. Being away from them for 3 months straight last year was enough for me! Never again! I know the people who own these agencies are charging the clients double of what the employees are making. I understand they have bills to pay... but! it is my belief that everyone should be paid a living wage and anyone living in California, especially Southern California needs to earn at the very least $10 an hour! Now that I have got that off my chest...

I went to Old Town Orange afterwards. They have a mix of small independent restaurants and antique malls and shops. Public parking is free and who can beat that price? So, I got my "looking at junk" fix and found Country Roads Antique Gardens. Another blogger whom I look at has a booth there but I forgot who it is. The booths are numbered so I don't know the names of them or the owners. It would be nice if each one put up a sign that told us who they were. I am sure they have names. I did when I had my booth in Paradise... "Junkstylediva" and had biz cards available in my booth. Anyways, the mall was HUGE! I spent 2 hours looking around and ended up buying 2 chippy bunnies and a small chippy urn for Easter. All 3 items cost me $15 which I normally would not have spent but I decided that in order for me to receive money from the Universe I had to let some go. You know - what goes around comes around. Giving money to another small biz person seems like the right thing and they look cute sitting by my fireplace.

If your in Orange county, you must go to the city of Orange and stop into Country Roads... you won't leave empty handed!

Hope your day is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

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